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Numeracy is a skill that predetermines the opportunities a person will have in life, and is a contribution he or she makes to the socioeconomic development of the country he or she lives in. Children get their first numeric skills at an early age, when they proudly show certain numbers with their fingers when asked about their age. The skills are nurtured later in math classes, and consolidated when doing math homework. However, explanations given by teachers are sometimes not enough to cope with homework, so a child needs some extra aid. He or she can ask a parent or a teacher to help, or resort to modern technology.

Online help they may get can be of several types; also, it is possible to get it for free.

Free Online Tutors

An online tutor is a home substitute for a teacher. A retired teacher or a volunteer will explain the toughest math topics step by step during one-to-one, real-time sessions. However, it is rather complicated to find a nonprofit resource that provides this kind of online help. In order to avoid spending hours looking through the list of websites that charge fees for such a service, try finding it on websites owned by libraries or regional educational groups. If you are a resident of a certain region, or subscribed to the library as a reader, you will get a chance to chat with an online tutor and get the aid you need. You should bear in mind, however, that free online tutors are only on at some certain times. These time periods are limited, and do not usually last till late at night. Additionally, the tutors usually communicate with students in chatrooms, and do not use paid interfaces such as whiteboards.

Video Lectures and Interactive Lessons

If you have missed some math classes or feel like doing some additional ones, online lectures and interactive lessons can give you the basic explanations you need. The advantages of such methods are quite obvious, as you do not need to spend time getting to the location. You just sit comfortably in front of the computer (with a cup of coffee, probably), and listen to the best teachers talking about topics that cover pure math (algebra, geometry and topology, trigonometric functions, calculus and analysis, statistics, probability and combinatorics, LA) and applied math; you can also do some exercises online. You can take pauses and replay the parts you misunderstand. It is impossible, however, to ask questions.

Math homework can be a lot of fun if you choose one of the suggested ways.


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