How much does hiring a chemistry tutor cost: homework help online

Science has experienced a relative explosion in popularity over the last two decades which has resulted in far more resources being available to the average student than ever before. While this is quite useful, students can also sometimes benefit from the advice, one-on-one, of a skilled tutor. If you find yourself yourself in this position, the costs can vary from a few dollars to close to a hundred dollars per hour. The chief reasons for this are as follows:


If your tutor is from a country with a currency that is worth more than your own, you may find yourself paying dearly for every hour of his/her time. If the person is particularly skilled, this may be worth the cost to you but if not, always remember that exchange rates can work in your favor too. There are talented and multilingual scientists throughout the developing world who may be quite suitable to your needs at a fraction of the cost.

Skill Level

If you are just starting out in Chemistry, you may be able to get instruction at your level at the lower end of the cost spectrum. In high school, for instance, someone who is just a year or two ahead of you but quite proficient may be able to give you all the information you need. At an undergraduate level or above, however, your needs are so specific that only a highly trained professional may be able to answer your questions and guide you. Someone at that skill level will usually be fairly expensive.

Bulk deals

There are many providers who will lower the costs of tutelage by offering bulk deals. By purchasing several lessons together and paying for them at once you can end up paying the significantly lower price. If even your provider does not advertise this fact clearly on the website, it never hurts to ask and they may even make an exception in your case if you offer a deal they find favorable.

On top of tutoring services that you pay for, there are also several skill exchange type sites that are based on barter. This allows people to trade knowledge with someone else and no money is needed for the exchange. That method is a little bit more difficult to organize however as it requires both parties to have knowledge that the other wants and want knowledge that the other has.


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