Math homework help for college students 

Homework help can be found in a variety of fashions and from a handful of different sources including but not limited to:

Office hours

Office hours a great way for you to utilize the first resource related to your homework: your professor. Your professor will hold office hours regularly each week. The time and day of the week will be laid out in the syllabus at the start of the semester. This a time period during which you can head to their office and ask for some help with the problem set for that week or review something in your lecture notes which you may have forgotten. You can conversely make an appointment to meet with your professor during office hours if you want to go over something privately. Sometimes with a larger class the office hour period may be full of multiple students asking questions which will limit the additional help you can receive. In these cases it might behoove you to make an appointment. Now that is not to say that you cannot make an appointment which falls outside of the office hour time. You can also make appointments to meet with your professor at another time if perhaps your schedule conflicts with the times they have available.

A study group

You can turn to your peers as well for homework help. Peers make for great homework helpers particularly if they took the same class as you did. The reason for this is because they know the teacher as well as the lecture. They know what material was presented in class and they know what information was reviewed in what way. Some professors have a particular teaching style or they use fun terms to describe otherwise boring math formulas. But if you don’t know what the original term is for the math formula you may struggle to find help from the internet or someone not in your class. By working with someone who is your class in the form of a homework partner or a study group you won’t have that problem. A study group is a great way to ensure you did homework problems correctly. Sometimes just having the accountability of your study group members is enough to make homework go by faster and other times it is truly beneficial to work individually until you run into a problem or cannot recall a formula at which point you can stop and ask those nearest you.


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