The Pros And Cons Of Homework: What The Experts Say

Homework is pretty much an integral part of our school life. It defines who we are and prepares us for our future life. However, there have been many arguments over decades about whether homework is good or bad for you.

As a student, you will most likely say that homework is horrendous and you should not be given it. That is what most kids will say and it is certainly not wrong. It rips away your time to enjoy and socialise with your friends, which is a privilege that you would not be able to enjoy when you are older.

On the other hand, people who are working will now tell you that homework has helped them achieve their career that they have dreamed of. Therefore it is essential to education and to improve the knowledge of students.

There are numerous dimensions to view this topic and it is important to discuss what the experts think. A list of pros and cons will be shown below to further dissect this topic.


  • It develops routine of students
  • It can help students take up responsibility
  • It promotes good working attitude
  • Students will be given a chance to practise their skills
  • It makes students spend less time on TV and video games
  • Students will learn more from subjects that they’ve learnt from school during the day
  • It improves test results


  • It can be extremely stressful
  • It affects a student’s family life and social life
  • It could keep them up late at night
  • Sometimes it is not facilitating; it is just used to keep students busy
  • Students won’t have time to play sports
  • Sometimes the work is not completed by the student, but rather by outside agencies
  • It could wear out students and they will lose concentration during normal school hours

Here are quite a few key pros and cons about homework. These are expert opinions and it is well balanced. There is ‘one size fits all’ solution; some people may find homework to be extremely beneficial whilst others will find it debilitating.

The important key is to find a balance point between it. Students should definitely be given some assignments, but not to the extent where they have absolutely no social life. It is undeniable that homework can develop a student’s academic skills, however, there is more to life than studying only.

If you are able to find the perfect balance, then you are on your way to becoming a successful person!


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