Mastering physics: where to get homework answers with explanations

Physics is a great subject, and thankfully, if you are doing physics answers the homework will be relatively straight forward, even if it does get complicated. Unlike English or even something like biology, you do not have to come up with something very creative, and for the most part unlike biology, you are not trying to remember and regurgitate some obscure detail from your textbook. Instead, you are essentially solving math problems. Math is often hard, but it often also something that you can find explanations for.

First, realize that there are numbers in physics problems, so there are some tricks you can use. If you cannot find the answer to the exact problem you have, do not worry too much, because there are ways to get around this. If you want the exact answer, there are several basic routes you can take. First, you can look for an answer book or an answer key. There are even teacher’s editions of textbooks that will help you out. Secondly, you can go online, sometimes people post their homework, and answers to the problems, but often you will have difficulty finding something with detailed explanations. For this, search forums or go to a homework answers board and post on their or use a search function if available.

Next, try talking to a professor or your teacher. They obviously will not just give you all the answers just because you talked to them, but if you need extra help often there are some explanations available. This will help make you a good student and to master the homework. There are many reasons that this can help you, and it will help you get a deep explanation tailored to how you learn and what you need. This can also be something you find from a tutor or an older friend that has taken this class before.

Also, realize that while your homework is going to be pretty exact, a lot of it is going to be just numbers. A large percentage of the time, your homework will be a variation of a common homework problem given to students all over the world, but with different numbers. If you find one of these, you can just follow the process given, and you can find these in textbooks and all over the internet. All you need to do is substitute the numbers that the example problem gives with the ones in your homework. This is great because working through the problems gives you an understanding of how to solve them and the experience will make you able to solve it on the test.


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