How to cheat on homework: Tips for middle school students

You can either struggle through your middle school years by trying to do everything in your own strength, or you can learn some of the legal shortcuts students have known for years. The most common ones will help you with your research, concentration, and time management. Here they are.

Simplify your research

Stop thinking that Wikipedia is just for high school and college. Middle school students can get a simplified version of every topic by replacing the initial letters “en” with “simple” in the url. This will give you a shorter explanation without all the big words—which is perfect for your middle school-level assignment.

Switch work areas

For the sake of concentration, try not to sit in the same place while doing your homework. Your brain will be able to focus better if your surroundings offer variety instead of the monotonous.

Alternate between subjects

Instead of working on one subject at a time, get all your homework ready and spend fifteen minutes on each. The brain prefers this method of handling a large workload because it gets bored quickly—and boredom will equal a serious lack of concentration.

Use your breaks wisely

When taking a break, there are some activities you should avoid. Never watch TV, play video games, eat, or listen to contemporary music. Replace these with brain stimulating activities such as reading a book (comic books are fine), listening to classical music (not the rough stuff), or taking a walk outside (not a run, just a light walk). These breaks will refresh your mind without plunging them into “entertainment mode”, from which there is no return.

Ask questions to know the answers

When doing writing assignments, create outlines before creating the content. Do this by asking lots of questions. By answering the questions later, you will create content with ease—without putting much thinking behind the work.

Use question forums to your advantage

When it comes to those complicated questions, use authoritative Q&A sites like to do the work for you. You’ll get some insight into your research by simply reading the views and research of others. It’s like conducting a survey without leaving the comfort of your desk!

White noise

If you’re still struggling with concentration or get easily distracted by surrounding noise, download some white noise from the internet. Rain, thunder, wind, the ocean, a train, etc. are all soothing sounds that will help drown out the surrounding noises that distract you.


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