What is an average amount of homework in high school?

High school students receive quite a bit of homework on a rather daily basis. It makes a person wonder just how much homework a high school student receives on average. For students, it seems they spend all of their free time working on homework and studying. Some students feel they spend more hours on homework than they do during a full day of school. However, the statistics on the average amount of homework tell a different story.

Information that can affect statistics

  • Different schools
  • Different amount of students
  • Students who do not do any of their homework

How these affect statistics

Each school and school district has a different set of standards for their students. Some are public schools with the standard state regulated curriculums; others are private schools with an advanced curriculum that surpasses the states regulations.  A more advanced curriculum will require more studying and more homework for the students. Each school also has a different amount of students on top of the different amount of homework. So each school will have a different average amount of homework.

This all seems simple, but the true number will be hard to determine since there are students who do not do their homework at all. These students are lumped in with the rest of the students who go home and do their homework. This brings the average down, even if it is only one or two students. There are many variables to determining the average amount of homework; as each variable changes the statistical amount of homework changes. Where one school may have an average of 17.6 hours of homework per week, another school may only have an average of 4 hours of homework per week. As you can see, these are two very different numbers according to each independent school. The national average uses the information from all schools, public and private, to find the average between them all.

Determining the average amount of homework for high school students greatly varies from school to school. Harder curriculums tend to have more homework than state regulated curriculums. The different variables can greatly affect the actual average amount of homework. Statistics have taken the information from all public and private school to give us the national average amount of homework. These statistics say the average high school student has approximately 6.8 hours of homework each week.

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