Doing Homework in College: What are the Pitfalls?

The Prospective Undergraduate

As an undergraduate university student, you may find adjusting to such a lifestyle to be not quite as expected. The picture painted of a university student is a varied one, as are the unforeseen and unexpected difficulties facing the unsuspected, which may come in the form of a surprise, and present an obstacle of danger. The source of trouble, or of unapparent hidden hazard that most often serves to entrap university students, among a multitude of other things, is the act of doing homework. This is due to four reasons which are: the amount of time available to complete each assignment, one’s enrollment status, one’s schedule, and the overall quality in the instructors.

What it Means to be a Student

 The amount of time available for a student to complete each one of their homework assignments greatly differs from student to student. If, for example, a student has enrolled in a course offered on average twice per week, this student must be able to complete the assigned tasks for that course over the availability in time of one and a half days. This may not sound like much, but when placed into perspective of the student’s enrollment status as being either part-time or full-time, then the matter becomes a question of when can the student be able to properly complete the assignment. Most students attending the university are not only enrolled as either part-time or full-time, but have other obligations outside of their course load as well. Obligations ranging from rearing a family, to working shifts that could be late night or during the day can make even the most optimistic test their endurance. Then there is the matter of one’s course schedule. Depending on the student, there is a schedule that must be followed. A student can attend classes anywhere from two to six days per week. The student must also make sure that small gestures, such as arriving to class on time before the taking of attendance, and being able to find a seat if the class is too full. There is also the quality of the instructors at the university the student is attending, as this greatly affect’s the student’s ability to be able to absorb the discussed material and apply this to their learning.


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