The Pros And Cons Of Homework: An Expert's Opinion

Homework is one of the least interesting tasks for students. They tend to avoid writing homework assignments because they are repetitive and boring. Exams are less stressful because they come occasionally and remain for a week or so. Home tasks are repetitive and monotonous. Students hate to attempt these assignments because they do not have enough time to give to each subject and assignment.

From a student’s point of view, home tasks are unnecessary. From a teacher’s point of view, these tasks are important to help the students revise the concepts taught in class and perform better at the subject.

This article talks about the advantages and disadvantages of home assignments for students. Everything has good and bad things about it. Home tasks have their good and bad sides as well. Research shows that students should have two hours of studying at home after the school assignments during high school. The amount of home tasks has increased greatly since the past two decades. This makes it difficult for students to cope up with. Average amount of home tasks is perfectly fine for the students.

Below are the pros and cons of home task assignments


  • It helps the students improve their understanding of the subject. They can develop a better understanding of the subject and its applications when they attempt assignments on their own
  • Students who have trouble in grabbing the concepts will learn better when they attempt the assignment
  • It will help them revise the concepts they read in school
  • It motivates them to take initiative and carry out research to attempt the home task
  • It is a good way to prepare for exams and tests. They will practice the assignment and get prepared for the exam


Even though there are many advantages of home tasks, but they can have some drawbacks as well if in excess amount

  • Students cannot take time out to dedicate to each assignment
  • They do not find time for their other activities and extracurricular tasks
  • They do not have enough free time to learn and develop their personal skills
  • Students who have excess home work may feel anxiety and stress if they cannot complete the paper on time
  • It can be challenging for parents to sit with students and help them out in their academic tasks
  • It may make the student hate the subject itself


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