5 ideas on how to complete your homework in algebra faster

Algebra homework can be done quicker no matter what your current pace is. Why would you want to improve your speed? Your answer might vary from wanting to get it done quicker to save time for other activities, to having more time to do more algebra! Whatever your reasons may be, the good news is that you can do your algebra homework faster. The bad news is that you will need to be persistent and patient to build your pace.

Why patience?

Any skill worth the time spent on developing it, requires practice. You cannot practice enough in a day to have the experience you need to do your algebra homework almost reflexively. Give yourself time. However, be persistent. Practice every chance you get to learn the fastest route to the finish line.

A few steps that may help you in your quest of speediness:

  1. Treat it like a game: Algebra is, fortunately, one of the few subjects that can be treated as a game. Play some fast-paced music and solve the equations. Leave the ones you find difficult for later. See if you can enjoy the game.
  2. Be creative: You can add colors to the surroundings to make it more conducive for fast-paced work. Red, Yellow and bright Blue are your best colors.
  3. Use your productive hours: Are you a night person or a day person? Trying to do things quickly is more likely to be successful in the hours when you are at your most energetic. Your natural clock is your best guide.
  4. Sit in your productive chair: Think about the one place you feel the most active in. It could be your kitchen table, your terrace, or your desk. Make sure you are seated at this spot when you do your homework.
  5. Comfort: If you are not an ascetic, treat yourself to the comforts of a good chair and lighting. A table lamp is an absolute necessity. The more you tire your eye muscles or your back, the slower you will become due to pain and fatigue.

BONUS TIP: Do not hurry: This sounds counter-intuitive, does it not? Studies suggest that the calmer you are during the performance of a task, the more efficiently you will perform it. What’s more, you will do it more quickly too. Stress and anxiety are sure to make you feel overwhelmed.

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