Where To Go If I Want To Pay Someone To Do My Homework

It’s generally not advisable to have others complete homework on your behalf. Aside from the feelings of guilt that may or may not arise in you there are other legitimate concerns such as:

  • Becoming a weaker student without this method of review
  • Being discovered by your school and subjected to penalties
  • Being swindled by a company that only pretends to produce high quality assignments but in fact wants your money in exchange for nothing

Despite these legitimate possible consequences, you may still be willing to make the purchase, perhaps because all other options have failed you. If so, read on for some sources you can consider.


If any of the more talented students in your class has an enterprising spirit, you may be able to convince them to do your assignment for money. This also means that they may turn greedy and try to extort more money from you in exchange for their silence on the true origin of your work. Be very careful as a result.

People your friends recommend

If enough of your friends or trusted acquaintances have been in similar circumstances, they may be well aware of a person who will discretely complete your homework. Ask around with this in mind but remember that some people will not admit to using such services because they are attempting to maintain the illusion that the work they purchased was their own.


Anyone who does work for clients rather than having a fixed employer can be referred to as a freelancer. The good thing about people who fall under this label is that they work on their own so you have smaller fees to pay to cover their costs. There are some at the very high end who are extremely expensive but also many who can fit into any budget.

Academic content creation companies

These companies often operate online and you can explain the nature of your assignment and let them hand it over to one of their staff writers to complete. Make sure the firm you select is trustworthy. Many bad firms exist which can bring the entire industry into disrepute. Also note that if you have unusual requirements some firms may not cater to you so be clear about what you need upfront.

It may not always be a good idea for you to purchase your schoolwork but if every you decide to do so, these places can show you where to start.

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