Dealing with Students’ Requests for College Math Homework Help


Student’s requests

Help for Mathematics can be answered in several ways. There are many resources available to the student to aid them in their search for help on their homework.

Two of the most obvious resources would be the internet and the library. Most students have access to the internet or at least can go to the library, be it school or the public library to access the internet. It may be helpful to use the computer at the library as the student can elicit the help of the Librarian in his search for information. The Librarian can guide and direct the student’s internet search while he is at the library. This can make the student’s research go faster and more efficient as he can avoid looking up useless information and information that is not germane to his query. The Librarian is skilled in research, and knows the resources. It is the Librarian’s job to be available to assist students and patrons in their quest for information and answers to academic questions. When Instructors, Upperclassmen, Departmental Staff, are not available, the Librarian and library staff is.

The library

The stacks in the library are not to be discounted either. The amount of information that is available in the library resources is vast. The student can focus their attention on doing research in the library, with the Librarian’s help and guidance and discover answers to questions beyond those he’s ever wondered about. The Librarian can direct the student to tapes, CD’s DVD’s, CD-ROMS, Journals, and Trade Journals that may be availed through the library.

Save Money

The internet and library are also cost savers. There is no need to invest a lot of money in resources and materials when the library and the internet are available. Most of the student are low-income as they haven’t entered the job market yet other than work-study jobs or part-time college employment.


The student may regard his books and the assigned material as a primary source of homework help, also. It is important to understand how it would help for the books to be used. Rather than confining the reading to merely the syllabus assignments, the student should take on   the task of reading each textbook and handout from cover to cover. The student should go over the reading, highlighting the pertinent parts of the reading. The student should study the Bibliography and References in each book and aim his research in this direction. Researching as many references as possible, in order to expand on the student’s topic which can prove to be fruitful.  


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