I Need Help with my Science Homework: A List of Useful Prompts

  • Determine exactly what kind of help you need.
  • Are you confused about any details of your assignment? Do you need more information? Do you want to learn how to deal with this kind of assignment? Or, do you simply want another person to complete your homework for you?

  • If you do not fully understand your assignment, ask your tutor a direct question.
  • Science subjects can be extremely confusing for many students, so there is no shame in asking for this kind of help.

  • If you fail to grasp the key concepts because your teacher’s explanations are not clear enough, start by visiting Wikipedia.
  • The basics of biology, physics, and chemistry are explained there in simple language and relevant examples. You can find articles on virtually every science topic.

  • Look for dedicated science homework help resources on the Web.
  • Most of them contain free information through topics, explanations, and video lessons; where you can see a visual presentation of how the laws of physics work or how chemical substances merge. You may also discover virtual labs where you can conduct an experiment of your own. These opportunities to learn science subjects are not only efficient, but also fun and engaging.

  • Consider finding a tutor to help you sort your science homework out.
  • The Internet is a great source of experienced tutors who offer their services at reasonable prices. A Skype session will cost you much less than an offline tutor coming to your home. In return, you will get your homework thoroughly explained. If you would rather not take the chance of looking for a good tutor online, find out whether your teacher or instructor has spare time to work with you individually. You may even get a senior student who is good at physics or chemistry to help. Finding a tutor is especially recommended if you feel that you are falling behind in your studies and fail to catch up on your own.

  • Hire a writing service to complete your homework as a last resort.
  • This help is costly, but it may be your only option when time is scarce and you desperately need a decent grade for the assignment. However, it is better not to abuse this method of getting homework help. In science, every new concept is built on the previous ones. If you fail to understand and solve your assignment by yourself (or with a tutor’s help), you may find it more and more difficult to understand and complete the subsequent ones.

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