Handy tips for doing business statistics homework

Statistics is not as simple as building simple graphs and pie charts and thinking you master this subject. When you grow up and go to higher grades, you realize that statistics is about many other things. You might have few nerds in your class who do not have a problem in cramming complex formulae and applying them in the sums. However, most of you will simply sit in the class and envy those students because you cannot master statistics like them. If you want to attempt your statistics homework without any trouble then you must follow these tips.

Understanding the word problems

Questions and word problems can be daunting because of their structure. You need to read slowly so that you can understand the prompt easily. It is a good idea to take a pen in your hand and keep underlining the parts that you do not understand. If you are reading the question, try converting into statistic language to make it easier to solve. Underline the mean, median, mode, number of objects, and replace them with symbolic representations and formulae.

Never be contented with one reading. Whether you understand the question in the first attempt or not, you should give it another reading to explain better.

Cut out irrelevant information that does not contribute to solve the question.

Understand which method you are to use for solving a certain problem. The more you practice these assignments the better you will get at it. The best way to go about this is practicing the exercises in your book. If you get time, in class you can solve them right then or you can practice them when you are home. Doing your homework on your own will always benefit you in the end.

Plan your homework

To be able to finish your homework on the given time you must plan and organize it in advance. The best way to plan your paper is dividing it in simple steps.

Check if you have the necessary information to complete your homework.

Recognize the key features of the question that you need to address.

See how many steps are involved in completing that assignment.

Do you need to use a calculator or would a pencil be enough to solve these questions?

Execute your plan

Once your plan is ready, the next step is to execute it. Identify the problem and solve it. You need to have a good hold of the concepts of the concerning chapter to follow the procedures required. Make amendments in your plan if there are any specifications.

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